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Centering Pregnancy®…a new way to receive prenatal care.   Imagine…having two hours to spend with your health care provider at each visit… Imagine…becoming friends with other expectant moms as you met together for seven months… Imagine…going for your prenatal check-up and beginning your appointment exactly on time… Imagine…learning to take better care of yourself and your family…         At All Women’s Health we received a grant from the March of Dimes to begin offering Centering Pregnancy Groups in 2008. In the group women meet for ten sessions and have a chance to talk about health issues that are important to them. Women receive a schedule of all the group times so they can arrange child care or meet work obligations. You won’t need to enroll in separate childbirth classes as it will all be covered in your group! Every minute of your time is occupied, not sitting in an exam room or waiting room. Research has shown that women who attend Centering Pregnancy Programs: Maintained preterm pregnancies two weeks longer 34.8 wks vs 32.6 (p< .001) Their preterm babies were larger 2397.8 vs 1989.9 Gms (F+5.74, p< .01) Had less birth complications Had less repeat STDs Had less rapid returns to pregnancy Reduced their sexual risks Improved health behaviors (diet, exercise, drug use) Improved infant feeding Additional secondary gains were: Enhanced self esteem Reductions in depression Reductions in prenatal distress Improved prenatal and post-natal appointment keeping   As the group progresses through the pregnancy, at some of the group meetings we will invite a resource person to answer questions or present information. These include a physical therapist, lactation consultant, massage therapist, counselor or dietician/nutritionist. Check-ups, support and education all take place in a group setting. If you need an extra one on one appointment we make it for you outside group time.  We are very happy to be the first in Savannah to offer Centering Pregnancy® prenatal care.   To find out more, please visit www.centeringpregnancy.org. Centering Pregnancy®…a new way to receive prenatal care