© Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 Obstetrics  and  Gynecology Copyright 2010, Dr. Tania Morgan-Bowen, M.D., MPH Services at All Women's Health OB/GYN Annual Pap Smears and routine gynecologic care are recommended for all women.  Dr. Morgan Bowen knows the healthcare needs of a woman at different stages of her life. Whatever the stage of life, we are here to help – All Women's Health – as only women can. Obstetrics Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most exciting times for a woman and her family. It is a time when you need the greatest communication with your physician. When you’re having a baby, you can rest assured that our team will tailor a full range of obstetric services to meet your individual needs and concerns -and they'll be there to guide you through each stage of your pregnancy. At All Women's Health, we provide comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care for you and your baby, from prenatal planning through birth. Our healthcare team focuses on preventing problems and promoting good health by offering preconception counseling, complete pregnancy and delivery care. After your baby is born, All Women's Health will continue to be there with you, whether choosing contraception care or other healthcare needs. Early Detection and Prevention The healthcare needs of a woman change throughout life. Over the last decade, medical researchers have made dramatic strides in recognizing women’s health conditions. Advances in the treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis have made the public more aware of these diseases, and have empowered women with the knowledge to make essential lifestyle choices to avoid potentially debilitating health problems. Gynecology We understand that a teen’s first exam can be uncomfortable and frightening. That is why Dr. Morgan Bowen pays special attention to teen patients. She knows a good first experience can establish a level of confidence and comfort for a lifetime of personal healthcare awareness. Pelvic pain, fibroids and abnormal bleeding are common problems that may interfere with your quality of life. At All Women's Health, we offer evaluation, hormonal and minimally invasive surgical treatments. Comprehensive assessment and treatment of infertility is also available at All Women's Health. Menopause is a major turning point in a woman’s life. Menopause affects more than just your hormone and reproductive systems. Over time, it may lead to bone loss and problems with your cardiovascular and urinary systems. At All Women's Health, we can help you prepare for menopause and guide you through the changes it brings. We offer solutions for incontinence , often an embarrassing problem that affects millions of women. Often dismissed as a natural part of aging, bladder incontinence can affect the emotional, psychological and social quality of your life. We offer treatments suited to different causes and lifestyles, such as exercises, weight loss, hormone therapy and surgery. Sexual function is a concern for approximately half of women. After evaluation, we can recommend an individualized treatment for you. In some cases minimally invasive surgery may be necessary for conditions such as endometriosis. Please read Dr. Morgan Bowen's curriculum vitae (Center Image) Please read Christine Cope's FNP biography (Right Image) Please read Amanda McVay's CNM, WHNP biography (Left Image)