© Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 Obstetrics  and  Gynecology Copyright 2010, Dr. Tania Morgan-Bowen, M.D., MPH The All Women's Health Philosophy Our team of professional women is dedicated and trained to meet the gynecological and obstetrical needs of all women. Our mission is to give women personalized care and treat you with respect and dignity. We understand your needs – both medically and emotionally - and will work with you to give the best quality OB/GYN care. We will also strive to give you the best in patient education so that you can make informed decisions about your health. Centering Pregnancy® in 2008  All Women’s Health received a grant from the March of Dimes to begin offering Centering Pregnancy Groups in 2008.  In the group women meet for ten sessions and have a chance to talk about health issues that are important to them. Women receive a schedule of all the group times so they can arrange child care or meet work obligations. You won’t need to enroll in separate childbirth classes as it will all be covered in your group! Every minute of your valuable time is put to good use, not sitting in an exam room or waiting room. Read more about Centering Pregnancy here.